Postpone B​.​D​.​S. / M​.​D​.​S. University Exams due to COVID-19

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Postpone B​.​D​.​S. / M​.​D​.​S. University Exam: 

As we know that whole world is going through an era of grave crisis in the form of Pandemic of covid-19, So BDS/MDS University Exam is not a viable option right now.

Till the last student from the containment zone/Red/Orange zone can't makes it to the classroom/examination hall to be physically present after the compulsory quarantine by state & district administration.

The examination can't be held for 99% of the students who can make it to the examination hall.

The last student is the deciding factor for the examination to be held.

It is suggested that the plan A/B/C/D be derived on the basis of various dates in coming months.

As an when all the students are available for the examination, the examination should be held.

1) As the date of examination and declaration of results my go beyond the usual date of start of internships i.e.1st August.
Those many days /months should be reduced from the internship period of final year exam going batch. Since the situation is not a routine, rather extremely extra ordinary. The regulations of the Dental examination and the subsequent declaration of result and commencement of intership should be relaxed/ changed for this year only.

2) However the examination of 1st ,IInd, and IIIrd year should be conducted as an when situation improves.
However the deciding factor still remains to be the last student from the containment zone.

On the similar lines, the duration of the next academic curriculum of 280 days can be achieved by scraping the vacations.

3) Some of the Colleges are themselves in the “Red Zones” How can students come back under such conditions and there are students who are residing in Red Zones, there is an issue of their mobility also.

4) Although Social Distancing and Sanitation norms might be followed in the Examination Centre but they cannot be followed in Hostels where majority of the students have to stay during exams. There is always a issue of Sanitation in Hostels in various colleges. Also; there are common Washrooms in Hostels and the faeco-oral transmission of 2019-nCoV is a fact.

5) The students coming from various states, How can they be Quarantined in Hostels ?

6) There are also a number of students in various colleges who stay in PGs and the PG owners are no longer accepting the students due to covid-19 scarce.

7) There are colleges which have forced students to sign Affidavits & Declarations that the college authorities and college will not be responsible if a student get infected.

8) The risk of contracting covid-19 is at an all time high right now and is only increasing at every moment. If the University conducts Examination now, Students from all over the country have to move and gather in colleges and live in hostels. This would exponentially increase the probability of Infection.

9) The Local students and their families are also worried as mostly they have elderly people in their families with co-morbidities.

10) Leave aside Students, even Parents are not being able to get their greviances regarding Examinations addressed by various colleges.

11) If a student gets infected during Examinations who will be held responsible ?

12) If the government will take a step on 30 june how will students who are going to come from others States may be containment zones will apper for examination.

13) What if any Day scholar student gets infected ?? For his family, for his/her life, for all those he gonna meet.

14) Mental trauma is something faced by the students during such pandemic nor they are in rightful situation for giving exam.

Examinations are a long term process of teaching, learning and interaction in the campus which concludes to educating an individual. These morals have been reduced to banal statements fanciful in reading but nothing in practice by the university administration. The Education of Medical Science can’t be imparted via laptop screens or jotting down papers without any intellectual exchange via discussion, interaction and most Importantly Clinical Teaching.

It is high time, we learn from experience of Israel & South Korea where reopening of Educational Institutions lead to a steep increase in number of cases.

Note : We are not demanding for Cancellation of Exams but just for Postponing them due to such grave conditions and keeping in mind the increase in number of COVID-19 cases across the country.

With Regards,

Dr.Robin Malik


Dental Surgeons Association of India (DSAI)

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