No Mercy, Only फांसी ! [Death Penalty for Rapists !]

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Initially, addressing our Dear Citizens .....

Rape ..!!

The Most Common Crime in India. That's the reason it just remains active  on the discussion forums, Media debates (in case if they highlight the crime report by mistake or out of no news to save their TRPs).

One fine day, this Crime News just acts as one of the trending post on social media which is ONLY shared further requesting for Justice for the Rape Victims. And Few days later, another trending stuff comes in which undergoes the same cycle again: Share, Discuss, and Forget !

Since the Rape Incidents are Common in India most of our Citizens ignore it completely by not raising their voice for their neighbours / for others . The day of regret arrives when unfortunately similar incident occurs on their personal front. When its personal, that's when Rape becomes "Uncommon".  Apology for this bitter truth !

Now, let us all just move beyond the discussion phase, as its .. "The High Time For Action." 

According to a Source, Over Five Rapes Cases are reported every Day in 2017 in Delhi. In 2017, 2,049 rape cases were reported as opposed to 2,064 in 2016.As per the statistics in 2011, Police statistics show more than 50000 rapes are reported every year .In 1987 and 1991 number of cases reported were 7767 and 9793 respectively. About 26% (11112) increase in number in the year 1992 – (NCRB). 

"One rape every 30 minutes in India" - (As per TOI )

Rapists are punished as per our Law, however still there's a rise in the Rape Cases day by day, minutes by minutes. Recently, the Kathua Rape-Murder Case of an 8 year old girl proves that India has learned "Nothing" from the Nirbhaya Verdict and the past cases where even a 21-month-old baby girl was one of the Victim !

"While a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female.”

A murderer kills the body but a rapist kills the soul.

Enough is Enough !. There has to be a Full Stop now for these Unstoppable Rapists who are not at all afraid of our laws and punishments.

Considering the punishments meted out in other countries, India is too soft on convicts. In fact, before 2013, rape was not considered a major crime. The highest degree of punishment that could be given to the convict was imprisonment for 7 years. This was possible only when the culprit was arrested and proved guilty.

So, its the High Time now for all of us to bring a Revolution to make our Female Citizens feel safe in our Country. This can only be achieved with the help of a New Law and Punishment. The law must badly needs a fresh look at itself and take positive as well as STRICT steps to make it most difficult for an accused to get judicial reprieve.

Rape also causes serious physical and psychological damage.So punishments like Imprisonments is just negligible and cannot heal their damage at any cost.

"No Imprisonments for xyz years", however Only "DEATH" Penalty mandatory for all Rape Cases (no exceptions Rape is Rape !) that too in Fast Track Courts for Speedy Justice !  .... -- India Demands ! 

Imprisonments or Not so strict punishments for Rape will only strengthen the worst intentions of Rapists day by day, thus making them feel free to do such Crime on the higher rates. Please think about it.

So,no mercy !..Just Hang them till Death ! [ That's an Appropriate Justice for Victims ]

#IndiaAgainstRisingRapeCases      #EliminateTheRapists