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The President of India: Institute an impartial judicial inquiry in to the death of Mudasir Kamran

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·       Mudasir’s suicide is an event that has shaken the entire student community of EFLU. We have been protesting for the past ten days, but the Vice-Chancellor has refused to address any of our concerns. The entire student community boycotted classes for more than a week.


·         Mudasir was taken to the Osmania University Police Station detained for some time on the night prior to his unfortunate suicide. There is ample evidence to show that the University Proctor made statements questioning Mudasir’s mental stability and also abused him in front of other students. In a meeting with the students that has been videographed, the Vice-Chancellor has also conceded that the Proctor had a role to play in this, although she along with the police is trying to shield him now.


·         Students who were with Mudasir after his release from the police station report that Mudasir was crying inconsolably all through that night and the next day as he was mentally tormented at the abuse and insult that he suffered from the University Proctor and the police. The next day evening he was seen hanging in his room. We are sorry to say that there was no effort made by the University officials or administration to counsel Mudasir or to take any steps to ensure that nothing untoward happened to him.


·         Although an FIR u/S. 306 of IPC is registered against the Proctor (for abetment of suicide) in the Osmania University Police station following the complaint lodged by a group of students, no action has been taken by the police. Instead of investigating the circumstances that led to Mudasir’s death, the Vice-Chancellor, in collusion with the police has been actively campaigning against Mudasir in order to cover up the lapses on the part of the University administration. The Vice-Chancellor also brushed aside the student’s legitimate demand that the Proctor should step down and that there should be an independent and impartial inquiry into the whole matter. We are sad to say that the conduct of the Vice-Chancellor after the event has not been becoming of the head of a Central University, where students from all over India who belong to various communities and regions come together to study.


·         It is extremely important to ensure that there is transparency about the events behind Mudasir’s suicide and that it is handled with utmost sensitivity. Sir, “sensitivity”, we hope you will agree, cannot be shown by trying to hide and distort facts or by refusing to shoulder responsibility and fix liability. Transparency and sensitivity become all the more imperative when the administration is dealing with students from vulnerable circumstances, be it Dalit, Adivasi, Bahujan, or religious, regional and sexual minorities. The instant case, we feel, has instilled a sense of fear and insecurity in the minds of hundreds of Kashmiri students studying in various institutes of Hyderabad.


·         Any internal inquiry set up by the Vice-Chancellor will only be a farce. It is unlikely to expect the truth to be established by a committee set up by the University. The University’s malicious attempt to conceal facts and spread canards about Mudasir has been exposed by the newspapers. In a report on March 14, 2013 in Times of India, it is claimed that Mudasir Kamran wrote three complaints to the Proctor between February 4 and 15, 2013, where he even makes reference to explicit threats to his life from some other students. This shows that there is more than mere negligence on the part of the University administration. By willfully suppressing this fact, the University administration seems to be actively engaged in distortion and character assassination of Mudasir. Therefore, a committee set up by the Vice-Chancellor will be meaningless.


·         It is a matter of grave concern that this is the fourth death occurring on the campus of EFLU, which is only five years old as a Central University. Among the four who died, one student was a Dalit, another one from OBC, and now Mudasir a Muslim from Kashmir. Among the four deaths, three of them are instances of suicide. Sir, as the Visitor of the University, I hope you will be able to understand the fear psychosis that is created in the minds of the students regarding the well being of the students from vulnerable sections.  

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