Give Justice to Kasganj Riot Victims; Stop the Victimization of Innocent Youths

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The fact that India is constitutionally mandated as 'Secular' State makes it obligatory on the agencies of the State to uphold secular values. However, the communal riots in Kasganj in January 2018, its aftermath and the continuing tragedy of the riot affected persons have been the undoing of the Indian State in this regard.

The police in Kasganj has failed to register the FIRs (First Information Report) of victims belonging from the minority community. Police is doing one sided-probe. The innocent Muslim youths are being selectively targeted by the police and discrimination is being practiced in making arrests. Even, the police has slapped sedition charges against those Muslim youths, who had arranged the flag hoisting ceremony on Republic Day. The administration also falsely implicated several innocent youths including businessman Waseem Javed, who was not present in the city on the day of the incident.

The biased conduct of the police in the Kasganj is a  blot  on  Indian  democracy  and  Indian  secularism. Our  democratic and  secular  credentials  are  truly  tested  only  in  times  of  such  acute  crises.  In such situations, the police have been utterly partisan and communal, repeatedly  failing  to  protect  and  even  themselves  trampling  on the  fundamental  rights of India’s religious minorities. This trend needs to be dealt with urgently and comprehensively.

The following demands acquire top most priority in our opinion under the prevailing circumstances of Kasganj. With due respect, we the under signed as the peace loving law abiding citizens of India, submitting here our few demands for your kind attention and early action please.

  1. The FIRs of Kasganj riots victims should be registered urgently.
  2. Stop harassment of Muslim youth by the police and take confidence-building measures with the Muslim community. Police should also withdraw the false cases. 
  3. Compensate the victims whose shops have been destroyed, vandalized and torched.
  4. Sedition charges should be withdrawn against the patriotic Muslim youths including social activist Amir Rafi and lawyer Munazir Rafi.
  5. Appropriate action should be taken against police officers who have not registered complaint or investigate the complaint effectively and impartially.
  6. Organize collective programs in order to create an environment of trust between two communities.
  7. Constitute a Judicial Committee for neutral investigation in time bound manner, to investigate the role of all the police officials and local political leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party whose connivance is responsible for the riots.

Therefore, we hope and believe that our demands would not be negligently treated and urgent measures will be taken to eliminate the cause of grievance of the largest minority population of India as soon as possible.

Law Abiding Citizens of India.