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Subversion-Perversion-Diversion of Democracy, by the LG of Delhi -- On his own accord?

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We elected Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to power on 14th February, 2015. Of 70 seats they won 67. AAP got an outstanding majority.

Yet, the POWER is with the LG: Lieutenant Governor. He is the Administrator. Did we elect him? His writ runs supreme. Even the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi has ruled thus. He is on ONE mission to dislodge all decisions taken by Arvind Kejriwal. This is brutal murder of governance in Delhi.

We the people of Delhi have not given power to the LG to do this. Can the LG of Delhi behave the way he is behaving without the consent of Central Government authorities? All this is reminiscent of the Colonial Era, the days of the Viceroys, who were appointed by King / Queen of Britain.  The LG is ruling-ruining Delhi as proxy to the Central administration. Or he is behaving as though he is the Prime Minister of Delhi and the Elected Government of Arvind Kejriwal is his minion. And, we the people, of Delhi who voted for Arvind Kejriwal with a thumping majority are made the biggest losers. WHY?

We oppose this! This is pure misrule and maLGovernance. Would  the LG have done similarly, if BJP was in power? He didn't behave so when the Congress was in power (both in Centre, and the State of Delhi).

Friends, this is injustice, illegal, even if the High Court or Supreme Court of India says this power to LG is legal. For me its pure injustice!

Join me in condemning this blatant usurpation of power. 

This has to stop, immediately. NO PM-LG RULE in Delhi! No Backdoor Rule by the Central Government, in Delhi!

The rule has to be of the Govt we elected and brought to power. The Govt of Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). 

Through this petition we also demand Full Statehood for Delhi. Let's all clamour for this, in one voice.  

And this Petition will remain active until #FullStatehoodforDelhi is granted. Do sign, share and implore your relatives & friends to sign this petition. Your names and comments will duly be acknowledged. Don't be abusive in your comments. 

Do sign it after reading this Petition, than merely viewing it and moving on. Commit yourself to this great task and be counted! 

God bless! Zindabad!

(NB: This petition was put  up when Delhi's LG was Najeeb Jung. Now we have Anil Baijal as the 21st LG of Delhi. HT reported his reply to the question, 'On how does he aim to better the relations between the Raj Niwas and the Secretariat' on its page 2, 1st Jan ., 2017: "This is a speculative question and i will not oblige you. I don't know  why and how the relationship will improve or not. We will sit together and talk and you will get to know." It's on him to improve the relations. How can he presume, "I don't know why and how the relationship will improve or not". If he's determined to improve it,  nothing on earth can stop him. We wish good sense prevails in him and that the Delhi residents are not put to another test of intransigence, acrimony and distrust. 

We wish that he does not behave the way his predecessor behaved (said so in Jan 2017).  At present (2017: Oct.,  20th) he is following  the footsteps of the Former LG. . But all said and done, the institution of LG has to go. Hence this petition, will continue until, #FULLSTATEHOODforDELHI is attained.

So the original tenor of this petition remains unchanged.
This petition is put up by me in my personal capacity. No organisation, past, present or future with which, i've been associated or will be associated is responsible for this. i'm doing this petition as a national, citizen and resident of India, who voted for Arvind Kejriwal and his party,  in 2013 and 2015. i have never voted till date either for Congress or BJP, nor shall ever vote, for these two parties.)

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