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The President of India: Deliver Justice to the Victim in the Delhi GangRape case (December, 2012)

Disturbingly enough, Rape has always been a constant factor in the fabric of India's society. In every corner of every city and every state in this country, somehow people are completely OK with the existence of rapists , no matter how brutal their crime. It is disgusting that more pro-active steps are not being taken both to punish the perpetrators as well as educate and awaken a moral uprising in the Indian Public. We were once a country in which defending the honor of your womenfolk was considered the supreme act of valor. Now we are a country where women are being thrown to the wolves, Women are afraid to walk on the roads, Women are afraid to stay out once darkness falls. Hell, women are afraid to step out even when its light outside. Not only women, girls also. Pure innocent little bundles of joy, being subjected to this heinousness.
How long will this country remain insensitive to the fact that a mother/sister/daughter's life is being destroyed on a daily basis?
Change will only come when we, the Women of India demand it in one voice!! We demand that stricter laws be enforced for the accused in a crime of rape. We demand that the victim not be blamed for the crime of rape by saying that she dressed inappropriately or that she should not have been out at such a late time or any of the numerous other reasons that are routinely given. We demand that justice be meted out as fast as possible, without the endless media circus and the endless legal loopholes, so that we, the Women of India, can retain some faith and some sense of home in our Country.
We hope that the victim in the Delhi Gangrape Case, the hapless 23 year old who was brutally raped and thrown out of a bus recovers well and begins to start the process of healing soon. At the same time, we demand that her ordeal should not be in vain- Please let this unfortunate incident spur the start of a revolution.
It is indeed, extremely unfortunate that it had to come to this!!

Letter to
The President of India
I am a graduate student studying abroad. I want to come back to my home country and settle down in India. I know so many others who are of the same opinion. Unfortunately, one of the highest deterrents to us, as women, who want to come back to India, is "Why do you want to come back here? Women aren't safe here anymore. " When I was smaller, this wasn't such a strong sentiment. Now especially, in the last few years,this sentiment has grown so much, that me taking a short walk to the grocery store and back is enough to give my father palpitations. Should a father/brother live in such constant fear, afraid to let his daughter/sister venture out?
The incident in Delhi, while brutal and mindless, is a sadly repeated story in our Country. Why are we as the public sitting quiet, unconcerned with what's happening in our Society? Why are you, as the decision maker, not spurred to take stronger decisions ?
This petition is to ask you wake up, to establish such a precedent that no man will ever think twice about looking at a woman/girl in the wrong way, let alone rape/molest her. Please establish laws that punish these offenders so strictly, so as to deter every other future rapist. Please establish a program that educates our public and reminds them (sadly) of the fact that what is happening to our women is wrong. Please establish a program that raises awareness about the safety for women, so that they may equip themselves enough to fight back. Please do not subject the victim to the mindless rigmarole of legalities and loopholes, but instead work to end her ordeal soon, so she might begin healing soon.
Please start making India a safer country for women!

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