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Death Penalty For Rape In Any Case If Proven !

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We want to end the rape culture prevailing in our society! I guess the word 'Rape' is enough to describe our point. Any one who commits this brutal crime does not have the right to be alive as they have already destroyed the life of someone. 

 You must be thinking why we are saying rape has become a culture?

Its because it has become an ideology, and once its becomes so, it defiantly becomes a culture!  

Some Examples: - 

1. School principal arrested in state of Jharkhand states, “It was accidental and not a “BIG CRIME””.  This shows that such mentality prevails in our society against such viciousness. 

2. Few days’ back a European girl was raped in the cab by the cab driver in North India and many such cases have come into light in the recent days.

3. A 4 year old was raped by a school mate in Dwarka in the National capital by her school mates few days a back. Isn’t it some kind of shit? But my fellow Indians it’s our harsh reality..

4. One of our honorable MP gave statement on the recent Chandigarh rape case stating,

 “Victim should not have boarded auto rickshaw when three men were already inside”.

 That’s the sickening mentality in your culture that is testified right from those who are architect of law in our country.

5. Not with standing a Class 5th boy was taken into custody for sexually harassing and raping a 7 year old school mate in school premises in the city of Gaziabad in UP. Report says that he twigged a wooden object in the private part of the girl that caused her grievous injury.

It became obligatory for me to think that how a boy at a mere age of 10 got to learn raping? Isn't it the sickening culture prevailing in the society that taught him so? I leave the debate open for you all.

Examples are many but voices are none. So lets take a challenge to change this culture. Lets sign a petition to out leaders at center stating the voice of our county. Let us tell them what India wants. Unless there are some harsh laws against this crime, nothing will change. Because its in the mindset of people who commits it.

Therefor we Demand Death Penalty For Rape In Any Case If Proven. If its committed, the the culprit should be hanged until death. 

Sign the petition and support us!

 Parth Raj Parasar


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