Bring some sense to parliamentarians of India

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The parliamentarians of India have reduced the the Parliament to a farce. No work is being transacted. Only slogans, shouts and disruptions. No respect to the chair. The President of India needs to take an initiative. Form a committee of eminent non-politician to frame code of conduct for MPs which can later be followed by the state assemblies also.

Following suggestions are made:

  1. A committee of very senior respectable non partisan patriotic individuals be formed to frame rules and code of conduct for MPs.
  2. The rules must be published and be justiceable. The chair of the house must ensure to enforce these rules.
  3. A few rules which need to be incorporated and followed by all members are suggested below.
  • No slogan shouting be permitted in Parliament. There must be a strict ban to the members entering the well of house.
  • No interruption be permitted when one member is speaking with the permission of chair. Only one member to speak at a time. The time permitted to the speaking member be decided by the chair as per existing rules of business.  The speaking member be allowed 3-5  minutes of continuous speaking and then 1-2 minutes be allowed to the opposite side to make comments/ask questions/seek clarification/offer reply in respect of those points only which were discussed by the speaking member during his allotted 3-5 minutes. This cycle be repeated again and again till the debate on a particular issue is considered concluded by the chair.
  • Names of the speaking members to be decided by the respective parties and announced by the chair at the start of every debate.
  • Zero hour to be used for raising issues without notice but again only one member be allowed to speak at a time. The rule of 3-5 minutes of speaking followed by 1-2 minutes to the opposite side be strictly followed.
  • All members must address to the chair. No member should address opposite benches.
  • Members must avoid making fun of fellow members and/or persons not present in the house.  Sarcastic remarks, absurd similes must not be allowed in the garb of introducing humour. Parliament is a place for serious business. No body should try to score brownie points with cheap humour which often hurts the sentiments of others. The chair should mercilessly expunge such remarks.
  • The govt. and the opposition must hold separate press conferences at the completion of each day of business in the house to brief the nation about the work done by them during the day to show their accountability to the electorate.

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