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appeal to muslims not to sacrifice cows on 27 october

National livestock population goes down as only healthy cows , young cows are sacrificed ( as per isalmic Hadis , muslims are forbidden to sacrificed deformed, old animals).India cattle population today is just a minute fraction of what it was during independence causing a real scarcity of pure milk, incentivising adulteration and production of synthetic milk which is harming society,s health .
Moreover, when the Supreme court of the country has ruled that a muslim religious merit is no way affected if he desists from sacrificing cows and any hindu,, jain, sikhs, religious merit is increased if he saves even one cow, should not the president talk to the present chief minister or governor and make even one salutory step to prevent a coginizble offence from happening of a scheduled animal protected by the constitution .Even if he appeal through the media it may help the muslims from changing their mindset .

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