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An appeal for justice

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If a probe is done and guilty are booked so many corrupt practices in Indian Banking, Indian Judiciary and Indian governance will improve for public good.

See the response how the case is closed. Unjustified punishment for bringing out irregularities is not a grievance.
Nice way to protect the culprits by so called scam free Govt. Not understanding protecting culprits is more dangerous scam for the country

Status as on 30 Jan 2018
Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2018/0021902
Name Of Complainant : Dayananda Namath K
Date of Receipt : 17 Jan 2018
Received by : Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to : Reserve Bank of India
Contact Address : Customer Service Deptt., Amar Building, 1st Floor,
Sir P.M. Road, Fort, Mumbai
Contact Number : 02222631743
Grievance Description : RBI officials remark on banks G sec exposure spooks bonds business line dtd 17/01/18 The deputy Governors Sri Viral Acharya statement has opened the Pandoras box of mismanagement of banks with active support of regulator. May be it calls for Forensic Audit of RBI' s policy decisions from2004 to 2014. Every time the valuation policy of G sec are changed by the RBI after the close of the year. So that banks show a healthier performance. I have even wrote to Chartered accountants institute to advice their members to qualify the balance sheet with the actual effect on balance sheet due to post balance sheet regulations of RBI. It is bigger conspiracy by every authority in the govt relating to banking including judiciary protect and promote rogue bankers. The CVC, RBI, Directorate of public grievances, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Corporate affairs, Prime Ministers office, Presidents Office have been informed since 2004, but are closing their eyes. And you have the present situation. They have looted Rajasthan state Govts tax revenue in gold import scheme to benefit bullion dealers. FEMA violations got scot free and just edpms for last two years have shown 88000 exporters are to be caution listed,but no action so far, this lapse of monitoring of FErA time provision was also brought to the notice of rbi by me leading to starting edpms. Third party gold imports banned after 5 years of my reporting this irregularity. But no action against the violaters. And I am harassed, denied promotions, punished, for bringing out such irregularities of the executives,and the strangely judiciary also ruled since the officer is stickler for rules he can be given compulsory retirement, as the removal from service is disproportionate punishment. May be acche din have started, after 4 judges revolt, RBI deputy governor has also shown the way. Hope the Govt will wake up and initiate action against the culprits and justice to the victims of these culprits. I repeat my resolution for 2018. Do everything to break the nexus of rogue judiciary, political bosses, bureaucrats and bankers, dangerous in that order who have brought economic terror on India.
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Your Feedback :
Date of Action : 30 Jan 2018
Details : It is not a complaint. The sender has merely made his observations on the issues reported in the news papers and his earlier opinion shared with various authorities on the issues narrated by him ,for which according to him ,he was punished by his employer.

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