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Frontier communications will step up their game and take care of it's customers.

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For most of us that have Frontier communications as a service provider we are typically faced with unreliable service and poor customer service. The majority of us are fed up and exhausted from dealing with this company. Why should our hard earned money be spent on something that only works part time yet we must still pay full price?  If we went to a restaurant and paid for a T bone steak but only received the bone should we be happy about it and not address the issue? Our community leaders are slow to help, Frontier has also shown a lack of caring due to the continuance of horrible service without resolve. It's time friends and strangers that we come together in one voice and let it be known that we will not stand for this any longer. Just because Frontier communications is a large corporation does not mean that they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions. Whether you are in Brooklyn or the boondocks, if you pay for a service you should receive it! My goal is that someone with the authority or power to make a difference will see this and help the many hard working American families that rely and depend on uninterrupted service. This is important, we're not talking about someone being upset with Frontier because they can't download their favorite song quickly. We're talking about the folks that need reliable service for that internet class they're taking so they can get a better job to better provide for their family. We're talking about that small child who is trying to connect to the internet to explore nature's wonders because they want to learn. We're talking about the grandmother who can't drive or visit family anymore but connects with those important to them via the internet. Each one of us is that person or knows that person! Let's band together and be heard. Our voices in singularity aren't enough, we must join as one! Someone will hear, someone will make a change or a choice. Frontier communications will realize that no matter where you live, if you pay for service that you demand service...not a portion. If Frontier communications does nothing you ask? That's easy, someone somewhere will see that there is a need to step up and offer reliable services. If that happens then we'll have had a victory in the way of hitting Frontier where it hurts most, their bottom line!  You need to do your part by signing the petition, share it on social media, and by letting friends and loved ones know that you are going to be part of a change against a major corporation! Fix the problem or lose money Frontier, it's as simple as that. I might also add that while you've been raking in our money for the unreliable service that you provide that you show a sign of goodwill by crediting back money to all of the hard working folks that have complained against said service! Let's not lay down for big business anymore...let's stand together for change.


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