For Crime Stoppers Of Central Ohio to Honor Brian Shaffer’s $25,500 Reward For 1 year

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Kelly Bruce
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Brian Shaffer went missing 12 years ago. During this time many people have privately donated money to the Reward Fund for Brian that loved him or his family very much. They thought this money would always be available to generate leads and tips to help find Brian. However, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers has told us a reward is only good for typically one year then the money goes into their general fund. We know that the reward was still being advertised by Central Ohio Crime Stoppers in 2010 as well as they were taking money from individuals that raised money to put towards Brian’s Reward. Good people donated their hard earned money to help Brian and the Shaffer family, not have their money go to general funds with out the donors being notified. When someone has been missing this long a Reward is almost mandatory to get any new leads. We feel Central Ohio Crime Stoppers should honor Brian’s reward for At least one year to see if it will help solve this case.