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I want to achevie on stopping the YULIN Dog Meat Festival thousands are killed each year.

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Has anybody heard of the YULIN Dog Meat Festival in China? I've definitely heard of it and it's cruel and sick. Thousands of cats and dogs are skinned alive and boiled for meat. We've been torn down for too long. We need to fight back. Stand up for something even if your alone. We got to stand up, stand up for something. Animals are just like humans they have feelings they feel sadness too. There lives should matter too. We must as one come to tougher and rise up and stop this cruelty. It's animal abuse. I maybe 14 but I know a lot when it comes to animals. I use to see animals out on the street in the pouring cold rain without anybody, I saved them and raised them. I want to speak in front of thousands I know this may not touch your heart but it will touch thousands. Give me a chance to speak in front of thousands I'm not stopping till things change. If this change happens it will impact me on how good it feels to see happiness in there eyes that they are free and finally off to a good home. It will make the community feel great about themselves to actually have helped set them free from cages and chains. What will this world come to if we don't have dogs and cats? Ever think about that? It makes me sick and it's just criticism. People in China can get up and actually plant something instead of killing and boiling for dog and cat meat. Stand up and stop!!

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