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Petitioning The Commission on President Debates and 2 others

The President Debate Commission: Allow Gary Johnson to join the presidential debates.


Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for president and at first had been harassed by Republicans suing in several states to keep him off the ballot, and now that he is on in every state, Pennsylvania pending, the debate committee is not allowing him to debate. This has led to outrage in the Libertarian community and as of right now, 3 of the original 10 supporters have withdrawn support for the debates. Now we need you to help get Gary Johnson into the presidential debates.

Letter to
The Commission on President Debates
Head of the CPD Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr.
Southwest Airlines
Allow Gary Johnson to join the presidential debates.

Gary Johnson is a presidential candidate just as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and denying him a right in the debates in unconstitutional and un-American.

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