Create A Day For Death Literacy and Awareness

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If everyone took a day to look at death, we’d find ourselves celebrating life! Death Literacy Day is an national invitation for everyone to acknowledge their mortality by designating a day that encourages people to begin those awkward conversations with loved ones.

WHY DEATH LITERACY? Our cultural fear of death has turned dying into a complicated, painful and unnatural part of life. Truth is, thousands of people die every year in a manner different than what they would have wished, largely because they did not talk about it when they could have. It’s time to prepare to prepare, long before the end.

 Death literacy is a different kind of toolbox. Research shows that 80 percent of people would prefer to die at home, and yet, not doing something about it means difficult, emotionally charged end of life decisions will fall to your family, who in turn, look to the doctors for answers. Taking responsibility for your death can reduce suffering by preventing prolonged and unnecessary intervention in the last weeks of your life.

Death is not biased, just inevitable. Death literacy helps us to celebrate the continuum of life, make meaning and include death as a natural ending.

Death creates community. It takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to usher a loved one out of this world. Research shows that you actually need 16 people to help you die at home, whether it’s for meals or caregiving, or visiting to listen to memories. Engaging with the reality of mortality and inviting others to participate not only creates a more satisfying ending, it also builds strong social bonds that is the essence of being human.

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