South Africa United - President to address by 8th of May.

South Africa United - President to address by 8th of May.

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Belinda Grant started this petition to The President and Government of South Africa

Dear Mr. President

South Africa is made up of the most amazing people. We stand together through any situation and get things done. We are asking the South African Government to join us.  We would like you, the President to address our issues by the 8th of May 2020. 

The SA Government slogan is Together We can beat this - Count on us the SA Government.  

One of my best friends died this week, not from COVID-19 but from post-birth complications.  The point of this lockdown is to save lives and prevent disaster economic and social from COVID-19.  She would not have minded me using her story as she was an activist her whole life and her purpose in life was to fight injustice. There are millions of stories now coming out of injustice.  We have to come together now. When I got the news of her passing, I rushed over to be with her husband and 5 kids including a newborn baby.  I was stopped by a police roadblock and not allowed to travel 10 mins to help them.  I then went to the police station to obey the law and asked for an affidavit and travel pass to assist them for just one hour or one day.  It was denied. On my way home crying, I stopped for petrol and saw the delivery of soft drinks being offloaded. A government deemed "essential service".  How can any South African sleep safe knowing that should a loved one get sick not from COVID but need to go to the hospital they are alone and separated from their family, even worse if you have COVID-19?

The regulations:

1. Need a permit to work

2. Need a permit to travel 

3. Alcohol and cigarettes banned 

4. All Decisions made by the government regarding our freedom 

These are Apartheid laws that were in place that people died to fight against.

AND now those very EXACT laws are in place to prevent deaths from a pandemic. 

I have heard over and over growing up we must never let EUROPEANS ever rule over AFRICA again, but here we are adhering to WHO, IMF, and World Bank, and the loans we are taking come with the strings of economic and political policy change.

Prior to COVID-19, we were in a situation where we could not look after everyone in our country AND the highest unemployment rate in the world. Crime and corruption. 

We support and comply with the lockdown for COVID-19 in South Africa. We thank our President and leadership for all they have done over the past 5 weeks. We have obeyed and have done our part during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Going forward from today, we feel the South African people are united but to succeed we now need the South African Government to join us completely. Under the Disaster Management Act, we ask the South African Government to address URGENT issues for all 58 Million South Africans to be addressed by the 8th of May 2020.

There are millions of stories coming out of areas of need, that they have register for food parcels, and then parcels are delivered to ward councilors and not distributed.

I don't have the words or time, but below is what we as a UNITED SA would like addressed:

According to WHO globally the only way to stop COVID-19 is:

1. Social distancing, washing hands, protective wear for nose and mouth.

Every other guideline is per each country to apply, and the goal was to prevent economic and social issues and DEATHS. However, we are now at the point where more damage that will last for years including deaths is happening RIGHT NOW much more than the current COVID-19 death toll of 103.   

1. All business to open with above WHO rules in place, and those that can work from home to work from home.  

2. Funding to be made transparent and available 

Food parcels not being received, funding for businesses not being received, UIF funding not being received, unemployment grants not being received. 

3. Movement to still be restricted and curfews to stay in place. NO Gatherings etc.

4.  All people at risk to be cared for including the unemployed.

5. ALL other bans to be lifted and education rules to be subject to decisions by OFFICIALS AND the public.

We can't go on, Mr. President.

Please sign to have each one of these issues addressed by the 8th of May 2020.

Thank you 

Your South African Country.





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