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End the Cuban Embargo

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My friend "B" is fully Cuban by blood, and fully American by birth.  Her parents, both Cuban, came to America 30 years ago and my friend was born here in the early 1980's.  I had no idea she was Cuban, but she recently visited Cuba for the first time, and yesterday we discussed the visit.

 She met uncles, aunts and cousins and found them to be the nicest people.  She also saw the effects of our decades old embargoes and restrictions on travel and trade.  Nutritious food is scarce.  So are medicine and other necessities. The infrastructure is crumbling.  Cubans are suffering because of our policies.

But of course, we SHOULD punish Cuba, right?  After all, they are a communist country.  They have a dictator in charge.  They have weapons of mass destruction just miles from our border (actually, I made that last one up).

But wait…  What about China, also communist.  Saudi Arabia, one of our closest Allies and a country with tremendous restrictions on freedom (can you say Women's Rights?)  Russia, our cold war enemy.  We have relations with all of these countries.


So why do we choose to continue to punish Cuba?  What are we as a nation afraid of?  Is it because a bunch of ex-Cuban patriots in Florida who hate Castro want to hold onto our old and outdated policies forever?

So Cubans suffer because politicians are afraid to upset this small but powerful bloc of voters in South Florida. To them I say "How's THAT working out for you?"

So to my thinking friends:  Should we, as American Citizens, tell Congress and the President to open up trade and travel to Cuba?  Or shall we let a small minoirty in Florida determine our national policy?  Should we continue to be the global bullies and keep them under our thumb for the sake of a bunch of tired old "haters" in South Florida?  Or do you not care?

Join all Americans and the United Nations General Assembly in telling the President and the Congress of the United States of America to end or modify ALL of the 6 laws designed to punish Cubans:

Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917

Foreign Assistance Act of 1961

Cuba Assets Control Regulations of 1963

Cuban Democracy Act of 1992

Helms–Burton Act of 1996


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