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Involve the women and youths in our nation's issues.Presidium& Politburo roles in Politics

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With the recent transition of power and administration - we noticed there were hardly youth candidates we could mention & only a selected number of women appointed as compared to the majority of men involved in it.It is as if - the youths' voice does not matter or the women's too.Yet the majority of votes come from these 2 groups & they have worked overtime pushing the development of this country only to be excluded on the basis of not having war credentials.It then becomes a mystery as to if we are non-existant & unworthy concerning matters of the state.We are the children & upcoming mothers & mothers of the next generation.How can we be substituted in issues that affect our wellbeing & will affect generations to come. Mbuya Nehanda was pivotal in the first Chimurenga which is enough proof - the gender card is not worth being thrown in our faces yet a woman helped bring forth voices and courage out of the other men who were not so brave.We can not live in the glory or pain of yester years but we can refer to it as a reminder of how we got to be here.Women and youths deserve the same recognition in the Presidium & Politburo and any other role in politics.What happened to gender equality?WAs it just a song relayed to silence women or it has ceased to exist with the new administration?We deserve equal opportunities & we implore you to consider this as every single Zimbabwe has a role to play in rebuilding our dilapidated state & economy!

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