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This commodore whose photograph appears above and his boys stormed our facility located at Ilupeju Rd, Oluyole Extension Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria around 1 pm on 25th of February, 2018. demanded from my wife where she kept his wife and children.

My wife responded that she doesn’t know what he was saying because she doesn’t know him, he responded by saying my wife was pretending and instructed his boys to beat my wife openly this act drew the attention of the customers and passerby at the premises who intervened only for him to point gun to them he will kill anyone who tries to raise any alarm.

They bundled my wife inside the tinted glass Toyota Camry they brought, denied her to pick any of her belonging and zoomed off without trace or contacts on how to locate them.

I received a call from one of the customers my wife was attending to at her beauty care salon that some people approached my wife, assaulted her and took her away forcefully threatening to shoot anyone of them that tries to raise any alarm.

Immediately, I rushed down to the salon but before I got there two of the customers that witnessed the incident had gone to lodge complaint at Oluyole Police Station in Ibadan, while I went to Kuola police station where I was referred to Apata Police Station which they said falls under the jurisdiction of where the crime took place.

At both Oluyole/Apata Police Station, our statement was taken and immediately an Anti-robbery squad was dispatched to my wife’s beauty care salon for further interrogation from the customers on the ground.
More than two hours later, I received a call from my wife with a strange number informing me that she has been taken to Mokola Officer’s mess that commodore Gbenga Oyetoyan said his wife and kids were in her custody, claiming he has the call log between his wife and my wife, to which my wife told him to show her the evidence.

I promptly went to the officers’ mess, but on getting there, I was informed by the officer I met at the military police post at Mokola officers mess that commodore Gbenga Oyetoyan has moved my wife to Odogbo after he was informed by the officers on duty that his actions were not right. Then I hurriedly went to Odogbo military base, on getting the military police post at Odogbo to lodge my complaint in respect of my abducted wife, the story took any new turn.

The desk officer told me that he (commodore Gbenga Oyetoyan) only came to lodge complaint about his absconded wife and some other issues that made her run away from home, and drop his details, and that he never told them that he took my wife hostage, which apparently make it clear that he had gone there to cover up his evil deed. My statement was taken and the officer told me he (commodore Gbenga Oyetoyan) is their superior officer equivalent and they will not be able to do anything to him.

But offered to help me out by calling the CSS and relate the issue with him, The CSS later came to the military police post and called him (commodore Gbenga Oyetoyan) to verify my claim only to find out that it was true. The CSS told him to come back to the post, but he claimed to have been far from the base but later agreed that he would drop my wife at Sango in Ibadan where I went to pick her around 6:30 pm in the evening more than six and half hours later.

On sighting my wife, she told me how she was unlawfully assaulted by the men that came to abducted her with the Commodore and threatened to kill her if she does not comply with any order given to her during the time of her abduction, I later took my wife to the hospital where she was admitted as a result of the assault and stress she went through thereafter but since then she hasn’t recovered from this emotional trauma which has been subjected to for more than six and half hours.

More also in his desperate attempt to stop us from taking action against him, he sent a message to me through my wife threatening that he would be back to shoot kill me if I try to pursue this matter further and to assure me he’s not joking on Monday 26th of February, 2018, I got an IMO internet call on my phone, and a deep voice speaking to me to be careful with my steps that what I saw on the previous day was just a tip on iceberg my phone later reveal the anonymous name to be Taiwo Oyetoyan.

In the light of the above, it is glaring that he’s desperately using his influence and position to intimidate and suppress us so that we will not be able to demand justice.

It is hard to understand his motive behind all this evil but more distressing is the fact the personnel who have been saddled with the task of protecting the citizen of the country will be the one terrorizing them. We also encourage him to come forward with this evidence of the call logs of how the kidnapping was carried out since claiming to have it.

I have written a letter and also tried to reach the Chief of Naval Staff over this matter but met wall of silence, it is more threatening to my family in the commodore continual boasting that he will kill me and my wife like common criminal and that the government will not do anything because he has been licensed to kill anyone which he retorted each time he is talking.

This petition will be on public notice about his impending action towards my family, that should anything happen to my family, both now and in future. He will be brought to justice.

Kindly check the links below for images of these cruelty.

http://prntscr.com/iwkqzj  http://prntscr.com/iwkr4s  http://prntscr.com/iwkss0 http://prntscr.com/iwksvt http://prntscr.com/iwkudy

Please help bring this officer to book by signing my petition calling on our President and Commander in Chief of The Armed Force, His Excellency Muhammad Buhari, The President of the Senate, His Excellency Dr Bukola Saraki, and The Honourable Speaker House of Representative, Hon. Yakubu Dogara to use their good office to carefully investigate the official intrigues against my person, my wife, the threat our lives and allow due process of law to prevail in the unfolding scenario and to preserve my fundamental human rights.




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