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The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa: The President and members of Cabinet must resign

Jacob Zuma has failed to lead and act on behalf of the citizens of South Africa on an increasingly frequent basis. The citizens have now had enough. If the Marikana tragedy wasn't enough, the Nkandlagate scandal, the government's failure to deliver textbooks to school children in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape, the downgrading of South Africa's credit rating by two major rating agencies, a "mounting disrespect" for the country's Constitution and judiciary, including but not limited to the failure in releasing the spy tapes, the growing number of unemployed, and a "rising tide" of corruption in the public services have collectively lead the citizens of South Africa to lose all confidence in the ability of the current government to govern the country that we hold so dearly and that longs for real leaders.

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  • The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa
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