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May Creek runs beside Wirth Road, Laceys Creek, Qld.  Wirth Road provides access to the D'Aguilar National Park for horse riding and hiking. Wirth Road has been partially closed by the erection of sections of fence past the May Rd intersection without complying with the Qld Land Act 1994.  It is no longer possible to take horse floats down Wirth Rd past this intersection.  There is no turnaround area for 500m - in an area rated as Very High Bushfire Hazard.  The road no longer complies with the Bushfire Code.  Emergency vehicle access is restricted to having to reverse out.  There is no mobile phone coverage on this section of road.  Since the partial road closure, clearing of May Creek has begun - a section within the road reserve zoned of High Environmental Significance has been cleared down to bare soil.  All logs from the floods and soil were removed from the creek and carted along Wirth Road in unregistered vehicles.  The police have stopped the use of the unregistered vehicles.  The creek bank has been reshaped in sections as are sections of  the steep hill of a property zoned of High Environmental Significance.  This area is subject to landslips - many during the floods and in the sections being cleared.

Diagonally opposite this property, the Qld Government paid almost $1m for a  property to rehabilitate for koalas - where the Qld Government are planting trees. Opposite they are pulling the trees out and fragmenting the remaining koala habitat and the lowland sub-tropical rainforest - just to plant grass to mow on the creek banks and the steep hill!  The State Government have been aware of this since October, 2018 and have not stopped the clearing nor revegetated the creek banks. They have not restored access to the National Park.  The horse trails are maintained twice each year by National Parks - but there is no access to the trails!

We live here - our only access to our property is from Wirth Road.  Wirth Road is no longer maintained - fees for no service as there is no reduction in rates.  Our once crystal clear creek is silting up - both from the clearing and the non-maintenance of the road.  We can no longer get horse trucks down our road to our property and no longer have emergency vehicle access.  We bought our property for the creek and the National Park - thinking the area was protected - the laws are still in place but are not being complied with - make the government accountable to their own laws!

The National Park and the Arboretum and the road belong to the community - email the Qld Premier to restore the access and to uphold the vegetation protection laws. Allow the bushcare and koala care community groups in to restore the creek and the wildlife habitat and establish walking tracks.  Help us stop this habitat destruction!