B105 Wants To Give YOU a Public Holiday (for the AFL Grand Final)

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QLD! For the first time ever, we're getting the AFL Grand Final in our state!

However, to really get the full experience, we believe it's imperative that we also get the AFL Grand Final long weekend.

That's why we at B105 want to give you all an extra public holiday!

For too long, Victoria has had an day over us - it's QLD's turn!

We are formally asking The Premier of Queensland - the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk - to grant us our long deserved extra day of celebration (maybe consider it a reward for all our good social distancing behaviour this year?)

Share this petition with everyone you know - especially that one friend who always calls in sick after a big night out (because this will save them a sick day...you're welcome!)

Together, we can MAKE A CHANGE...and get an extra public holiday.

Yours forever,