Shutting down schools in NSW for two weeks to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19

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Sign this petition to get the attention of Gladys Berejiklian (the premier of NSW) and Sarah Mitchell (Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning), so that staff and students can help prevent spread of this disease in NSW in large numbers

Coronavirus Statistics can be found Here

The recent COVID-19 coronavirus is starting to become a serious problem in NSW as the number of infected people is increasing dramatically. At the time of writing, there were 36 COVID-19 cases confirmed in NSW, with 102487 cases confirmed worldwide. This fast highly contagious disease has recently hit Epping Boys High School, causing it’s closure and self- isolation of all students, staff and Parents.

To really help control the spread of this very contagious disease, we must close down schools for two weeks. This coronavirus, although not fatal with a 2-3% mortality rate, can ( in large numbers) overwhelm healthcare facilities, as whole hospitals have to be shut down, with all staff in self-isolation, if one healthcare worker contracts the disease.