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Stop the destruction of the Lee Sculpture in Richmond Va. You wouldn't tear down a Picasso

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I'm very concerned that people are talking about destroying an Antonin Mercié statue here in Richmond (the Lee statue). I'm curious as to the views over destroying this great work of art and I wonder if are there any protections to prevent art from being destroyed. I have to admit the work I'm speaking about is a controversial piece.

Here are some other works by Antonin Mercié: Maj. Gen. Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette in Lafayette Square and Gloria Victis ("glory to the vanquished") in the National Gallery of Art — both are located in Washington. 

In France, the "Quad-Même" statue in front of Saint Christopher cathedral, and "Jeanne d'Arc relevant l'épée de 1a France," the Statue of David, and finally Genius of Arts, on the Facade of the Louvre, Paris are works of Mercié.

It would be ludicrous to think we would tear down the Lee statue if it was considered to be a work of art. It would be as if we censored other works of art. Can you imagine destroying a Picasso because he was communist?

Almost all of Antonin Mercié's works were simply for fallen soldiers, just like his other works of art. This would be the same as destroying the "Three Soldiers" Vietnam War Memorial in Washington. That statue is not about how we lost the war or that we burned down villages and killed thousands of Vietnamese.

I suggest we turn Monument Ave into a walking museum. If the monument of lee must be moved, it should be treated like national treasure and moved in a way warranted for works this important to the art world.

Another suggestion is to work with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to send the Lee statue back to France were it would be appreciated.

Séan Church.

Richmond Virginia 

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