Allow Females to become Catholic Priests

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All around the world, we encourage feminism. Feminism is not the belief that women are better than men, but rather the belief that women deserve the same rights as men. However, in the Catholic Church, there's obvious sexism. 

Women are not allowed to celebrate mass as priests in the Roman Catholic Church. The house of God is a place of worship, peace, but most importantly, love. How are women supposed to feel loved when they are not being delivered the same rights as men?

Pope Francis says that  women will never become priests because "St. John Paul the II had the last clear word on this and it  stands, it stands," In the letter Saint John Paul the II wrote to the bishops of the catholic church, the reasons why women cannot be priests are because Jesus only chose men as his apostles, we have continued with that tradition and that women being excluded from priestly ordination is in accordance with God's plan. 

There are numerous flaws in the reasons that the Roman Catholic Church relies on, such as:

1: The fact that there were only white apostles of Jesus, yet the church changed their rules for the Black, Asian and Hispanic men who became priests.

2: The church has broken racist traditions for men, so why can't they break sexist traditions for women?

3: The fact that women are being excluded from priestly ordination because it's according to God's plan for women is a mere, humaninterpretation of God's wishes and desires.

Brothers, sisters and friends, I am asking you to take action with me and sign this petition, regardless of your  faith so we can have the last clear word on this. Sign this for equality, sign it for  love. If we can reach over 200,000 signatures, I am sure that the Pope and the Roman Catholic Chuch will feel pressured to allow priestly ordination of women.