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The Police Commissioner, Kolkata Police: Take steps to ensure freedom of movement for women, trans* and queer people

We believe that all of us have the right to public spaces, a right which has repeatedly come under attack in recent times both through violent attacks on women and trans*persons as well as through the ‘protective’ measures undertaken by the government and the opinions expressed by powerful voices in the public realm.

We want to walk the streets at night, avail public transport like every other citizen. The onus is not on us—to look back in fear, to cover ourselves in socially approved ways to avert gazes. The streets, the neighbourhoods, the shops, restaurants, buses, taxis belong to us as inhabitants of this city, during the day and at night. Equally. And if today we are denied access to these spaces we will reclaim the spaces by inserting ourselves in them. We will be visible at night—walking, laughing, strolling, hailing cabs and buses. Because the night belongs to us.


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  • The Commissioner of Police, Kolkata

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