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Let Serena go to Alola with Ash

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You, the Pokémon Company, have put so much effort in Serena and we, the fans have come to be fond of her. And we've come too far to just go back. Serena has a crush on ash but kept it secret until the last minute. Because of this XY (and Z) has become both the best and worst anime series. Also we don't know if Ash returned the feelings. We really need her back and we really need more Amourshipping moments. We want ash and Serena to stay together forever. If not your missing a BIG opportunity. Many people came back to the Pokémon anime because of Serena. Because Alola is based off of Hawaii Serena has lots of opportunities to preform with dance and other stuff. It would also be nice if Ash and Serena could dance and if she could help him learn how to dance using Z-moves since he's still learning to dance. If you don't bring her back you may lose many fans also in the last episode Serena kisses Ash but they didn't show it and some people say it wasn't a kiss. Why can't we see it? If your concerned about how it would look you could always animate it like in Pokémon Heroes (Also it would be nice to give an explanation why Ash and Serena  aren't ageing maybe Ho-oh or a space-time Pokémon also in your new movie Ash's hat looks different if you could fix it.) Help me Pokémon company your my only hope.   

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