Pardon Porygon from his ill-trial and false accusation of causing kids to vomit or seizure

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"On December 16, 1997, an episode of the then-unstoppable Pokémon animated series was broadcast in Japan. Barely thirty minutes later, nearly 700 children were on their way to hospital.

The episode, called “Electric Soldier Porygon”, is now part of Pokémon folklore. Centring around the adventures of Ash and his friends as they travel inside a Pokéball transmitter machine, its story and premise are innocent enough. The machine is broken, and the kids embark on an adorable little cyberspace adventure to fix it.
What caused all the problems were the animation techniques employed in the episode. There comes a point, around twenty minutes into the show, when Pikachu uses his lightning attack to blow up some missiles. Because these are virtual missiles, and Pikachu is currently residing in Pokémon’s version of cyberspce, a regular explosion just wouldn’t look right."

Porygon never recovered from this and was never put on the TV show again.  However, this is complete injustice as it was not Porygon who committed this crime, but infact it was Pikachu exploding the missiles which caused this crisis to occur to the watchers of the Pokemon franchise.  Yet due to the Pikachu's stardom and position in the Pokemon franchise, he was left blameless and a secret trial was executed upon Porygon.

It has been twenty years and Porygon is still suffering from this mistrial, punished severely all this time to remain out of the light of the public and never to perform again while Pikachu leads ontop of a international franchise making money and living it big.  This injustice is disgusting, Porygon should be pardoned for his complete innocence.

Please sign this petition to The Pokemon Company to allow Porygon to come back to the television series and be unbanned, reinstated as an original Pokemon as they deserve to be.

For anyone who feels this petition is childish I simply point out, this was an injustice done in front of children without any care, and this is how they were brought up.  If you want your society to be able to manage and voice the major injustices of life, to unite, understand and voice their reasoning, then start with the ones in front of these children.  Fight to pardon Porygon!

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