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Demand the resignation of Niantic CEO John Hanke

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Since its release in July of 2016, Pokémon GO swelled into the world's most popular and widely-downloaded game on mobile app platforms. With over one-billion worldwide downloads, fans and gamers saw the app as a way to continue their Pokémon adventure in the real world with friends and family. The app has allowed players a healthy alternative to traditional gaming methods, and expanding the window of gaming potential by the inclusion of augmented reality.

While no business or game is perfect, Niantic has proven itself the antithesis of a company centered around healthy and interactive gaming.

Niantic and it's CEO John Hanke have shown gross incompetence and inability to maintain performance standards in support of their customers for the Pokémon GO app. A number of mass complaints fans have voiced include the following;

1. The removal of the "tracking" feature just weeks after Pokémon GO's initial release.

2. Constant unexplained errors and crashes.

3. Forcing players to restart their phones or applications due to unexplained log-in errors.

4. Disassociation from their player base via insufficient customer service.

5. "Insulting" anniversary specials, and most recently;

6. The failure of "GO Fest" in Chicago, IL leading to mass demands for refunds and the release of "legendary" Pokémon which were promised through an extravagant video advertising the event.

These are but a handful of complaints fans have voiced since the release of Pokémon GO, and there is currently no end in sight for the issues plaguing the app or its players.

It is due to the aforementioned reasons and others that the players demand the resignation of Niantic CEO John Hanke, and the transition of Niantic majority ownership (greater than or equal to 51% equity) to The Pokémon Company and/or Nintendo of America.

The reason for this demand is two-fold: The Pokémon Company and Nintendo of America both possess the true vision and legacy of the Pokémon games, and will provide the Pokémon GO app with the proper server maintenance, customer support, and updates expected and/or required of such a popular title.

It is the hope of Pokémon fans everywhere that this app, which represents a beloved piece of memory, nostalgic childhoods, and continued generational fun will once again be fun to play and continue to meet the expectations of its global players.

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