Petition to get water flowing down Barker and Darling Rivers again

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There is a drought BUT the largest volume of irrigation water is used by cotton farmers, who used 26 per cent of the national irrigation total for the year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This has resulted in towns downstream along the rivers having little or no water and led to the disaster of the Menindee Lakes. We need to reverse the allocation of water to cotton farmers and also demand that the huge water allocation to cotton growing Cubby Station (The station is licensed to take 460,000 megalitres the equivalent of all irrigation entitlements downstream in north-western NSW.) This station was created by amalgamating twelve floodplain properties to give Cubbie a total of fifty-one licences. The station's water storage dams stretch for more than 28 kilometres along the Culgoa River, within the Murray-Darling basin. Lets demand that that water is released  to flow downstream.

Reverse these cotton water licences and storage and allow the water to flow downstream

I have no personal interest in the Murray Darling other than I want to see it survive! But I am so sick of money making (ie by growing cotton) being made more important than the greater good of towns and the environment downstream. A drought of many years is a problem but why would we allow cotton to grow at the expense of those downstream.