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For years, the residents of Britain have relied on the sacred, all time classic dish of the "All Day Breakfast", to fill their bellies full of love after waking up too late for the breakfast menu. If you're like me and many other residents of Colchester, the all day breakfast has been the go to meal at your local spoons for many years. 

Today I woke up and went to The Playhouse, in Colchester expecting to order my usual meal. To my horror, the "All Day Breakfast" had been STRIPPED from the menu, forcing me to resort to measures I hadn't expected- ordering a burger. 

Apparently after a recent survey had suggested that the population preferred Sausages and Mash over the famed All Day Breakfast, the decision was made to remove this well loved dish from the menu of The Playhouse. 

Do you think that this is right? That they can just take away a legendary pub classic with nothing as much as a warning? TO HELL WITH THAT!

We need to make a change, a change that takes us back to simpler time. And with your signatures, we can petition to get the all day breakfast back on the menu. Not just for a better spoons, but a better world.

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