Communication or actual fixes to Rockstar's Red Dead Online Mode

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Red Dead Online has been out of beta for close to a year. Camps, animal spawns, infinite loading screens, continuous disconnects, and role bugs continue to be a problem after months and months of inaction. Needless to say the game is BROKEN. At times, players have to take multiple steps just to be able to play the game properly even though Rockstar has no problem continuing microtransactions and fixing money exploits in 2-3 days.

To make matters worse Rockstar refuses to communicate with their player base on these problems and instead tries to "reward" the base by giving out laughable gift packages that essentially help no one. This may be one of the worst signs of apathy and utter disrespect when it comes to your own gaming community.

They know this has been going on but continue to ignore players and refuse to actually address any problems. They just released a Newswire talking about "Record Breaking Numbers" for RDO. What an astounding statement that laughs in the face of loyal players waiting for a proper online mode.

I'm asking all PLAYERS to band together and send a message to Rockstar by using the feedback forum for Red Dead Online and to sign this petition. Nothing will change if players don't voice their opinions. I know we all love and respect Red Dead Online as well as the community. That's why I see this as such an important task not just for Rockstar but for us players as well. Please show your support and write your concerns to them. We are still waiting for fixes and at the least an ANSWER in some form or another that they are working on this. Otherwise, what's the point.