Save Our School Site from Developers

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The Victorian State Government intends to sell the former Broadmeadows Primary School site in Nicholas Street Broadmeadows to private housing developers. With 100+ high-density houses proposed for the site.

  • This site is the ONLY open space in the area, the community has used this site since the closure of the school in 2009. This is the LAST parcel of vacant land available.
  • With the rapid increase in population growth due to high density housing in the area the need for open space is increasingly warranted, as is the need for another school.
  • The large proposed development of 225 housing units, retail and commercial offices planned for the adjacent former Yakka site will further exacerbate this issue.
  • The Nicholas St site must remain available for use by the community as open space or a potential site for a school for future generations.

As high-density housing development is already occurring at a rapid rate in the area the State government’s proposal to introduce more high-density development is unwarranted and WRONG.

Our Community needs open space and NOT more housing developments.

We are calling on the Planning Minister Mr Richard Wynne to halt the sale of the Nicholas Street school site.

We need your support, to send a strong message to the Planning Minister Mr Richard Wynne and the Victorian State Government.

Please sign our petition and add your comments.

Once you’ve signed the petition feel free to contact the Premier Daniel Andrews and Planning Minister Richard Wynne and encourage them to keep the Nicholas Street site as open space and encourage them to lead the way in ceasing the practice of using public open space and reserves for development. 

The Premier Daniel Andrews 


Phone: (03) 9651 5000

The Planning Minister Mr Richard Wynne 

Phone: (03) 9415 8901


For further information contact