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Protect BC Seniors from Shingles

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The Shingrix vaccine, which has been shown in clinical trials to be 90% effective in preventing Shingles in those 50 years of age and older,costs $400 and is not covered by the Medical Services Plan (" MSP") in BC. Yet our Ontario family and friends tell us it is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan ("OHIP"). If the Shingrix vaccine is covered by OHIP,  then there should be no reason at all why it cannot be covered under MSP in BC. Canada has a huge population of baby boomers who have had chicken pox and therefore harbour the virus that causes Shingles. As we age, our risk of getting Shingles increases. All the seniors I have spoken to are terrified of getting Shingles as most of us have known many people who have had it, some of whom have been disabled with post herpetic neuralgia for months or even years afterwards. This vaccine is essential and should be covered by MSP, like the flu shot.

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