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Petitioning The Philippine Government and the Filipino People

The Philippine Government and the Filipino People: Stop Animal Cruelty in the Philippines. Protect them from Abuses & Jail Perpetrators.


Please click the link below to see what they did to ZACH; killing, trading and eating dogs in the Philippines:

What they did to ZACH is cruel, inhumane and totally unacceptable. The whole world should UNITE NOW to condemn and stop animal cruelty in the Philippines!

My heart bleeds when I see their sufferings and I wish I could take the cruelty inflicted on them by uncivilized and evil people rather than them taking the pains as they did nothing wrong except to LOVE us and LOYAL to their masters.


Thanks to PALS, CARA, PAWS and AKF and all animal rescuers in the PHL for their dedication and heroic acts in saving, protecting and caring the abused animals in the Philippines. Please continue the good work. GOD bless you all.

Please click link below to see other abused animals in the Philippines, courtesy of PALS:


 Stella Mari C. Vosotros One thing I'd like PALS to look into is the practice of gassing pound dogs by tambucho. A recent article in the Sunstar Cebu said that one of the cities here in Cebu Province is looking for an alternative and more humane way to put the dogs to "sleep" (for the lack of a better word). It takes 15 to 20 minutes daw before the dogs die and all these time you could hear the pitiful cries of the scared and doomed dogs. In the pound where we claimed our guard dog, Whitey, who was caught by the catcher on a Friday and was released to us Monday afternoon, the pound staff hardly feed the dogs saying that they do not have enough budget for food and that the dogs will be gassed soon anyway. I am so saddened when my driver told me about the situation, I had him bring food not only for Whitey but also for the other dogs. Kawawa talaga ang mga dogs in the pound. Please, PALS, do something about this practice.

UPDATE ON ZACH's PRESENT CONDITION; please click the following links:







Letter to
The Philippine Government and the Filipino People
ZACH is one of the many victims of animal abuses in the Philippines. We have seen on the media many others and countless of them that were badly beaten and near to death. It breaks my heart every time I see their sufferings and I ask myself many times why some Filipino people are doing this brutality to our animals. These animals are very caring and loving creatures and they deserve to be cared and loved, too.

I know that most of the Filipino people are animal loving people, but some of them are totally irresponsible and abusive to animals for unknown reasons.

I am pleading to the Philippine Government and the Filipino people to stop animal cruelty in the Philippines; protect and rescue them from abuses, shelter them, feed them to survive, and find them permanent adapted homes to live a normal life.

We need to prosecute and jail perpetrators who committed animal abuses to show to the Filipino people that the Philippine Government is serious in protecting our BELOVED ANIMALS.


Riz Manas

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