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The Petition To Fight GOP Obstructionism In The U.S. Congress

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 The consequence of U.S. Congressional obstructionism has been record unemployment, homelessness, high-crime rate, and so many other socio-economic issues, there are too many to mention. 

“Block And Blame” no longer works. We know you squandered and/or filibustered important work bills, the Veterans Jobs Act, destroyed families, causing emotional distress throughout America, and even the suicide rate is at a record high.  ¼ million veterans are living in boxes in the woods, and Mitch McConnell is filibustering the Veterans Jobs Act.   You need to change dramatically and work for America, not your petty political gain. 

You thought America was too uninformed to understand how Washington works.  You were wrong.  Congressman Boehner, Senators Cantor and McConnell, please get to work, and be real leaders. Get your GOP foot soldiers in line, or suffer the consequences.  

 With all these important issues still facing our great country, we understand your agenda for the first lame duck session is to defund Planned Parenthood.

This is not acceptable.   It seems you have forgotten we are your employers, not vice versa. 

You will stop this nonsense, or every election cycle starting in 2014, you will be voted out, or face expulsion.

The people have spoken and you work for the people.  Now act like it please or suffer the consequence.  


The Committee To Rid Congress Of GOP Obstructionism

Rick London & Lee Hiller-London


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