The Petition & Call For Global Action STOP THE MILITARY COUP !

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A Call for International Coalition for The People of Myanmar. We are artists, activists, social workers, and collectives from around the world, we stand with the people of Myanmar and their rights for democracy.

Please join us by signing this petition and doing any actions with arts such as painting, performance, installation, photography, graphic, poster etc and upload it same time with this petition.  We will grow as a coalition, calling for an end to this oppresion.

Their democratically elected leaders including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint, other senior government officials, and the elected members of parliament have now been detained by the military.

They need urgent concrete actions and interventions to stop this aggressive coup, to protect The People of Myanmar and the democratically elected National League for Democracy Government. Join The People of Myanmar demand for their immediate releases by their peaceful demonstration.

Their democratic freedom shall never be interrupted or prevented, with violence. In solidarity, we are all closely observing the current situation in Myanmar. We demand for the safety and right of Burmese friends.

We are Global Art Coallition spreading out the movement as the petition, action art, online event etc. to support the Myanmar people from the military coup. Please join us and forward this info, also let’s do something together, upload the photo/video with the petition, online programs, even your new online program, as part of global coallition to free the Myanmar people. All your (art) photo/video could upload in the platform below;


Solidarity Performance for Burma Stand against Military Rule ! (Let’s Join The Action: 02-24-2021, 3PM)

Revolutional Sky- TawHlanyay moekaungkin

International Performance Art Festival and Meeting, stand with the principle of democracy. Hence stand with The People of Myanmar!!!

Revolutional Sky- TawHlanyay moekaungkin

Petition to support of the democracy in Myanmar!!



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Please Forward WorldWide !