How to fix everything :) 2 minutes.

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Hello kind friends!

Yep, it's me, World Record Egg, your most popular Insta post, ever.

50 million likes and still going strong, it must be my turn to give back ;)

I've been browsing your stories, searching for insights and I noticed you LOVE to look good.

Then it struck me: That's it! THAT'S YOUR ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!

You're all super busy so I'll cut to the chase. Here's what I'd like you to do:

Step 1: Assemble your best scientists

Step 2: Create your best skin care

Step 3: Harness your proceeds, for good.

Hey! This is serious. Do the math:

1% market share (of skin care world-wide)


 1 average lifetime (human, not Egg)


$100 billion, per generation, for the oceans, the earth, yourselves and all others.

For as long as you're all really vein! Haha (love you)!

Seriously, 1% is a modest market share (with room for competition) but how many options do you need? If your skin is an organ and it's care is a science, why not make the best one and enjoy it? Space ships? AI? I'd say focus on this little challenge instead ;)

Wake up in morning, look in the mirror, get the best yourselves, your world and all others.

Universal joy is here, now, literally written on your screens and faces.

You know what it says?

Sign the petition :)

Bill and Mel Gates: We can do this. With your influence reach and resources, we can look good, feel great, fix everything!

With love,

W.R. Egg.

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