Have the rules on appearance relaxed, or removed, from the TPS Code Of Conduct.

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At The Petersfield School, harsh rules have been in place for a while regarding appearance. While some of them are fair, the rules regarding facial hair and socks are a bit ridiculous.

I am a generally okay student at TPS. I'm not a particularly great student, but I do try my best and achieve okay grades. But this has been ruined by a string of detentions and suspensions, caused by my appearance. My hair was too short for their liking, so I missed out on a day of school thank to a suspension. I've been threatened with In-school suspension due to having a beard. I know people who've been given In school suspensions for wearing socks that weren't black. This isn't fair, especially if a student with a perfect record had it tarnished over this (I'm not mentioning myself here, I'm by no means a perfect student.)


All these rules on appearance do is make us students feel worse about themselves, as you're almost victimised for expressing yourself at this school at times. And it's not like it affects anyone's learning.

All I ask is this:

1: Have the rules on facial hair removed, allowing students of any age, gender or ethnicity grow facial hair freely, and do whatever with it.

2: Have the rules on Socks be removed, because, they're socks.

3: The rules on hair should be relaxed, as suspension for shaving your hair too short is ridiculous.

Each signature I get on this will help give this more legitimatcy, and maybe, this time, the school will listen.


Jacob Parvin,

Year 11 Student at The Petersfield School.