Help Limo Companies Stay Alive

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During this pandemic COVID 19, the Limo Industry in Miami and Broward is getting affected big time. We depend from the visitors who comes from all over the world and from those who travel domestic within the US.

As everybody knows, this industry is down right know. We are not making any money, we have our cars still and most of them with non commercial insurance. The Miami PTRD, wants to push all of us to pay the renewal fee for our permits. Is unacceptable and impossible for us to pay those fees when we don't have the money nor the flow of clients to make money. Needless to say with low season approaching from Aug to Nov.

We ask the PTRD, to pospone this renewal till April 2021 and help us to bounce back again to a stronger industry. Helping us, you are supporting a lot of families to get back too. Raul and Pedro please consider our companies and families. Give us a chance to grow again.  

Dear Owner,President,CEO,Manager,Employee or as simple as a driver of a Company;


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