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The Perfect Body is Unreal—Eat Proper Meals!

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     As seen on the media—whether it be on television, movies, or even on your morning newspaper—there are various models and celebrities in different stages of fit and fab. Their bodies are usually toned, lean to the bone, and curvaceous; they wear different clothes that flaunt these features, showcasing to their audience the result of their hard work in the gym. The media itself, meanwhile, advertises these kinds of bodies, telling their viewers that this is the body you should have, and that this is the body that is correct, ideal, and perfect. 

     A sad fact among its viewers is that they actually believe that this is true, that in order to achieve the perfect body, one should look like their idolised celebrity. And since time is ticking and one's wallet may not probably be enough for a gym membership card, one may stick to reducing the amount of food he/she eats, if he/she bothers to eat at all. This is where various eating disorders emerge, born from the want to look like what the media pictures as the perfect body. 

     Well, those are not true at all. There is no perfect body. Eating three peas a day will not lead you to the non-existent perfect body. Skipping meals and eating once a day will not lead you to the non-existent perfect body. Vomiting after you eat (or commonly known as Bulimia) will not lead you to the non-existent perfect body. And, most especially, not eating for a day or so with the logic that you would not be eating any sort of fat does not lead you to the non-existent perfect body!

     This petition aims to send a message to all people—children, teenagers, and adults—that not eating properly does not equal to a perfect body. One should eat three proper meals a day, maybe even include a burger if you feel like eating one, and stay healthy and happy. 


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