Women should get an education!

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I am petitioning against the Pakistani Government and explaining that they should allow women to have an education. Firstly, these women are stuck at home taking care of the children and cleaning the houses. Not experiencing the world and having the freedom of getting a job and feeling independent. But if they try and leave the house to get an education they will probably get killed or they will they come back to there homes and be abused by their family members because it is will cause a social backlash because women are only allowed to leave the home with a male family member.

So, to change this situation for all these women I would like the Pakistan Government to legalise women the right to get an education, so they can get a job and lead a life that they want not what they are expected from society. Furthermore, many women in Pakistan don’t have an education so this means that Pakistan has second lowest female employment rate in the world.  

I believe that if people sign this petition it will get media coverage so that women will get the right to have an education because in the universal declaration of human rights it states in article 26 that everyone gets the right to any education. So, with signing this petition if shows that we have the man power so that the Pakistan Government would consider on changing their laws to allow all women to stop being persecuted for wanting to go to school. 


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