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Boys and girls have equal PE

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During PE, girls are required to dress out and get graded when we do or when we don't. We almost always stay inside and have no access to fresh air due to this. We do drills that aren't even beneficial. Boys almost always go outside and have access to fresh air. They have the choice whether to participate in the activities provided. If they don't want to, they can walk the track. The boys are allowed to choose the activities they want to do and still get the main point of PE done: physical education. Girls stay inside with no access to nature and fresh air. This impacts the rights of girls and boys during physical education. If the girls are always kept inside, we will be stuck inside all day. Normally, if the girls go outside, they go to the tennis courts with no space to run, while the boys get access to the football field. (The girls probably want to do what the boys get to do, not vice versa). The main point is, sign this petition if you think it is unfair and/or should be changed. The girls want at least 2 out of 5 days going out to the football field, whether the boys are out there or not does not matter or make a difference. The boys also get to bring their electronics outside. Also, we ask that the boys share part of the field when the girls go outside because she girls barely go outside anyway. The photo's bottom half was unavailable because permission to show their face on this petition without permission, but just know that there are 99% of the boys sitting on the bleachers. Photo taken by the magical Cam, the best photo taker alive. (Not realistic but yea.)

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