Get MAF’s on channel 9 banned and taken off air

This is suppose to be reality TV. It is not. No part of it is. It is edited to the max, to ensure there’s always a villain and always the golden couple.
People have been on the attack of Jessika and I personally think that is disgusting. It’s such hate for someone they don’t even know!!!
People are forgetting that it’s a tv show that happened months earlier, and has been edited. To me, it’s like Jessika was made the target this season and that’s not right.
If it’s going to be called reality tv, ensure it’s the real deal. Make it professional and have legit participants. This season has confirmed I’ll never watch it again. It was to hostile and toxic! Perhaps don’t serve alcohol and give them more thorough interviews, so there’s no repeats of cyclone Cyrell!!
In all seriousness, regardless of what people think or say about Jessika, who majority of Australia doesn’t know personally, just as I don’t, I truly hope she is being checked on and is emotionally ok because how she was portrayed was bloody appalling, and so unfair. I really hope she is being looked after and is safe. My heart breaks for anyone who is a victim of bullying and such hate.

Jo Kemp, Australia
3 years ago
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