Warner Bros, apologize to Johnny Depp and remove "The Animaniacs" sick joke!!

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Yesterday the first episode for the cartoon "The Animaniacs" was released to the public. A part of the episode included a joke against Johnny Depp, claiming, through a poster, that he's "telling lies", clearly mocking the fact that he shared his experience of domestic violence and calling him a liar. This is a cartoon for young audiences, basically teaching kids that it’s ok to bully and mock a male victim of domestic violence and Warner Bros is clearly sending the wrong message to the public with this. 

This show is being produced in conjunction with Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. They should publicly apologize to Johnny Depp.  Warner Bros has already outraged the public by asking him to resign from the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise. But now they have really crossed the line! This has been the last straw! Warner Bros has proven themselves to be a highly unethical/toxic/immoral company and we (the public) demand an apology for this distasteful "joke“. We are serious about the boycott and we WILL boycott them!