Stop the cruel torture of animals

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The typical western way to kill a cow for food is to shoot a bolt into its brain. This renders the animal instantly unconscious if not dead. It drops to the floor instantly and is then processed for its meat. 

The Islamic, halal, method. Causes extreme torture and pain for the animal. It's confined, then it's throat is slit nearly to the spinal column. It's head tilts back and you can see it's wind pipe gasping for air. While still conscious the animal is raised on a hook and has its skin cut off and it's organs cut out. It's eyes are open wide but it's unable to scream until it's finally dies in the most gruesome of ways. 

This is a completely unnecessary agony inflicted by a cruel system. 

People will not stop eating meat but we can do better by the animals who give their lives for our sustenance. If you have any empathy for the creatures we share our world with. Sign and share this and stop eating halal meat.