Stop hate speech by politicians!

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1. Recently a white woman was convicted and sentenced to jail time becoming the very first conviction against racism in South Africa.

2. While racism; i.e. discrimination and inequality is still a great deal today, it has become apparent to the world that whites as well as other non-black community members have been dealt with exceeding racial slurs up to the point where whites and others alike have seen death threats sworn to them by political institutions who have declared themselves saviours of a broken people.

3. People across the world have now noticed this disgraceful inequality presented by the leaders of many Southern African leaders, and we, the people, have decided it is time that the double-standards of said leaders and their parties be held accountable by the very same standards they have set through the abovementioned conviction of racism. 

4. We will not rest until ALL the politicians who sing songs about killing people, especially for their ethnicity, all biased and outspoken propaganda slurs and the like are removed and penalized for their actions. It does not matter if you are white slanting black, black slanting white or so on, if you are a discriminatory politician, you are not worthy of your post.