The People's Proclamation: Sustainable Human Rights

The People's Proclamation: Sustainable Human Rights

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Started by Mary Horsman

The People's Proclamation   

We declare our full commitment to support leaders and systems of leadership that defend the well being of our planet and its population.

We demand accountability of those in positions of authority in both government and business.

The good of the many shall take precedent over the interests of the few. No more will we idly stand by while our future is destroyed.

We proclaim these to be the Common Good Priorities: clean air; clean water; nutritious food from healthy land, oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes and streams; affordable shelter, clothing and health care; education and communities free from the threat of fear, of oppression, and of violence.

We dedicate ourselves to creating a world where all people are respected and have access to these basic human rights.

We work to build a global society aligned with the principles of equity and sustainability.

From this place of shared value, we form a united front and represent an unstoppable force. 

To protect our lives and the lives of our children, and so that our children can have children if they so choose, we vote here below to move to a net zero infrastructure by 2025.

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!