River Teesta Calls you to be its Protectors

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What will a few more new dams do that the numerous existing ones haven’t already done?

Allow massive ecocide.

The science behind  Hydropower dams reveal its notoriety for flooding large areas.

It forces people to relocate,  threatens freshwater biodiversity, disrupts subsistence fisheries, and leaves rivers dry – yep eventually affecting the ecosystem.

Dams undoubtedly damage river systems, and even though they are being pushed as a source of renewable energy, it has been estimated that dams contribute more than 20% of all man-made emissions, instead of solving the climate crisis.

There are also socio-cultural aspects and economical aspects along with the ecological destruction dams bring which remain largely shadowed.

A LARGE NUMBER of people and communities depend on the Teesta for their daily life, for some it is their only source of income. The dependency on this river goes beyond Sikkim.

Mark people off the list and there are fishes,birds, butterflies and animals and plants that are nurtured by theTeesta alone. Their lives are at stake too.

And the scenic beauty it provides. We might lose them all, that's why we stand up against it.

The recently proposed Teesta-IV Project is a blow on the face of  the coming generation.

This dam Project falls between Teesta III upstream in Chungthang and Teesta V project downstream at Balutar near Dikchu.

The stretch of about 10kms runs between the two dams is a part where river Teesta runs freely and it also lies in the protected area of Dzongu  (very fragile and prone to frequent landslides and flooding).

It’s 2020. And we’ve already seen how humans have contributed to accelerating the 6th mass extinction.

And now this!!!

We need each one of you to stand for our environment, it's River Teesta this time, could be anything else next time.

We cannot afford yet another “business as usual” projects to proceed. Will you support us in raising a voice against it?