Justice for George Floyd.

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After handcuffing George Floyd.  4 officers held him down. With one officer putting his knee on his neck. Even though George Floyd cried out.  He could not breath. The officer kept his knee on George Floyd neck. After countless pleas from on lookers. The cop refused to remove his knee. Causing George Floyd to suffocate to death. All while being video taped.  We ask for justice for George Floyd.  That the officers involved be charged with murder. We find this cause to be a modern day lynching of a black man by a White officer.  Who showed no mercy on George Floyd.  Causing his death. police are to serve and protect.  Not kill unnecessary.  Millions of people have watched the video and the video is shocking to say the least.  To see a man be slowly killed all while begging for his life. Only for those pleas to fall on death ears. This is not something to be taken lightly.  A man lost his life.  Because another man, decided to be Judge and executioner because he has a badge. Please sign this petition for justice for George Floyd and his family deserve to have justice for this crime.  We must stop police from taking the law into their own hands. I ask that you think about your husband,  Son or any Male figure in your family.